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Hi, all you Morgan Horse enthusiasts out there.

We are writing to explain a few things of why I have built this site and have worked to find history and information on the Morgan horse and compile it all in one site…

Well, I have liked Morgans for awhile, I have just never owned one till a year ago, I bought a Palomino Stallion of 2 years of the Brunk strain of Morgans. The term Brunk strain of Morgans is exactly why I started this website, my inquiring mind had to know what Brunk strain meant exactly, the more I read the more I wanted to find out about Morgans from the past through today.  I have learned a lot and I am still researching, but have found some eye opening aspects of the Morgan.

Everything on this website, now, and in the future, if you read thoroughly, you will begin to understand, I will not extend any unbiased opinions on anything on this site or anything toward The Morgan breed, but merely will try to point out different aspects of the Morgan, and where the Morgan started, what the Morgan went through, his heroics, what kind of  equine the Morgan is including his never ending devotion, his versatility, his extremely high aptitude for learning, his intelligence, his vitality, his good looks, basically his all around “perfect” presence.

I will also try to point out where the breed is going in the modern day, the worries of losing the True Morgan.

I am a true believer that this breed of horse was brought to us in a period of time where we needed him, he plowed fields, logged, brought the poor farmers of New England income, and foremost he died for his country in the Civil war by the 1860’s just like all the men, including some famous lines going back to Blackhawk among others. He moved settlers out West, he ran the Pony Express, he chauffeured travelers with the stagecoach, in all his chores stated and more, he was sought after by farmers to Generals to United States Mail as the best horse for the job!!

This breed is a truly amazing breed, he has been there and done that, his blood influences the Standardbred, Tennessee Walker, American Quarter Horse, and the American Saddlebred.

The Morgan deserves the recognition once again as he received in the 1800’s,  because he still is as versatile as the day “Figure” was got, and the Morgan needs to be protected from the outbreeding that is seen more and more today, we can all be protectors, friends and owners of the True Morgan.

So please enjoy this website, use the classifieds, the forum, and enjoy the rich information of the Morgan.

Please feel free to email suggestions and comments, this allows use to produce the best site for you.

We will gladly accept any information on the Morgan that is not yet on this site and include it in the readings.


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